Signature Cakes

What's your Signature?

 Make a Bittersweet cake part of your celebration tradition – because a party without a cake is just a meeting! Create your own signature cake and share the joy with friends and family!

Step 1. Choose your Cake

Bittersweet’s Signature Cakes feature our chef-created combinations of cake, filling and finish for the perfect flavor and texture. 

Step 2. Choose your Size
6" for 8 to 10+ Guests
12" for 40 to 46+ Guests
 8" for 16 to 20+ Guests
14" for 50 to 60+ Guests
10" for 26 to 30+ Guests
16" for 70 to 85+ Guests

 Online ordering is available for 6", 8", 10" and 12" cakes. To order a larger cake, please call us at 773 929 1100.

Step 3. Choose your Decoration
Signature cakes include a personalized inscription and one of our best-loved decorations for a cake that looks as wonderful as it tastes.


Looking for something custom? View our Custom Work